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 Raven Sabotage - Objective B

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Raven Sabotage - Objective B Empty
PostSubject: Raven Sabotage - Objective B   Raven Sabotage - Objective B EmptyTue Jun 01, 2010 11:30 am

Raven Sabotage - Objective B Raven_10

Attack Routes:

I don't really have a favorite route on this map, so they're not in any particular order.

1. This first route takes you across (or next to) the bridge. This is generally not that well guarded, although enemy snipers on the objective cover the entrance once you are over the bridge. Also I have often seen a sniper further up the path (6.), picking off people coming over the bridge.

2. There is some high ground to the right of the objective. There are a few spots along the route that can be used to snipe into the objective and the re-supply point (4.). You can also get around the back of the objective from this point.

3. Straight down the middle is the other option here, not much to say about it really, this route is usually well defended and there is nearly always a pile of bodies at the narrow entrance to the objective.

Friendly Sniper Positions:

4. This high ground has some good slight-lines into the objective. Although the entrances are quite narrow, so you may have to move around a little. I find the best spot is a view of the re-supply, then picking off the fools who use too much ammo. Also watch out for defending troops advancing across the river and up the high ground to the right.

Enemy Sniper Positions:

5. Both of Raven's objectives A and B have a raised platform above the most direct entrance to the objective, this makes the direct route very dangerous.

6. Although this position is not always taken, I have seen quite a few snipers further back along the road, hidden in the bushes, picking off anyone running over the bridge. This can be countered by crossing the river next to the bridge and out flanking the sniper through the ruins in the middle of the map.

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Raven Sabotage - Objective B Empty
PostSubject: Re: Raven Sabotage - Objective B   Raven Sabotage - Objective B EmptyTue Jun 01, 2010 5:43 pm

yeah there really isnt much more to do on this objective as well this is objective B
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Raven Sabotage - Objective B
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