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 What do you do?

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Clan Member - Sergeant First Class

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PostSubject: Re: What do you do?   What do you do? - Page 2 EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 12:35 am

I see... The bendi must be hell on turns. As being in the film biz I mainly drive trucks as a Teamster. 5 ton trucks with air brakes and all. What I don't have is a passenger endorsement, so I can't drive buses, but everything else. Grade-alls, forks, condors , lifts. So Kabushga...are you drivers unionized? Out here in LA it's known as the Local#399 Nice play'n with you last night by the way, great chopper flying. Damn...that Onslaught is frought with instability...
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What do you do?
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