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 MAG Division Information - Please Read

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Division Leader - Captain
Division Leader - Captain

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MAG Division Information - Please Read Empty
PostSubject: MAG Division Information - Please Read   MAG Division Information - Please Read EmptyWed Jun 02, 2010 9:03 am

This topic will be used to maintain all the information regarding the DoW MAG, it's organisation and members.


Currently the DoW MAG Division is a Valor Clan.

First Steps

Once you have joined the group here on the forums, make sure you have added schmo, hotdog or myself on your friends list, then we can add you to the clan in-game. Once you are part of the in-game clan, try to make groups of clan members whenever you are playing and see others online.


We are currently operating weekly operations with another clan (Men of Valor, MoV) these will be Friday nights at 9:30 EST. Each week there will be a signup thread, please reply to this thread each week if you are able to join us. We will keep a record of all operations you take part in.

Division Members

Clan UsernamePSN IDTime Zone
Clan Leader
hotdog_fingershotdog_fingersGMT -5 (+1 DST)
Division Leader
Fall_LineFall_LineGMT -8 (+1 DST)
Brigade Leaders
schmo114schmo114GMT -5 (+1 DST)
Division Members
GkiredGkiredGMT -6 (+1 DST)
justlearning_1justlearning_1GMT -5 (+1 DST)
KillophileKillophileGMT -5 (+1 DST)
KubefuismKubefuismGMT -5 (+1 DST)
LLunatixLLLunatixLGMT -8 (+1 DST)
Oregonian-NinjaOregonian-NinjaGMT (+1 DST)
SpankdemonkeySpankdemonkeyGMT +3
Please post in this thread or PM me if any of this information is incorrect, or you are in the MAG group but not on the list. Schmo and I will do our best to maintain this list.
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MAG Division Information - Please Read
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