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 Socom Confrontation Review

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PostSubject: Socom Confrontation Review   Socom Confrontation Review EmptySun May 23, 2010 11:17 pm

Ok, So i realized that almost no one ever posts in this section and i think ill become almost the prime reviewer. So, Today I will be yet again trying to get some other clan members to buy a TPS game, Today is Socom confrontation, though originally filled with bugs, glitches, and many other problems this PSN store download is a great buy for only 15 dollars.

Well, this game boasts many great things of it such as some sweet weapon customizations, I can take my standard ole' M4, and make it look like i can fire a nuke from it. With all of the different scopes. sights, and other attachments it is amazing. But unlike any Call Of Duty game it comes at a price called encumbrance. This almost translates to running speed and agility. So when carrying an RPG or AT4 in your equipment slot makes you look more like the juggernaut (x-men villan) than the flash when running.
-Player size... ahh a great topic as it boasted the highest online player count up until MAG came out (it and warhawk) boasting 32 real people in a match with or without re spawn made it so fun to run, snipe and blow the shit out of anything that moved.
Clans: Great point, much like MAG, and so you don't have to have everyone on the living earth on your friends list to play with them.

Though there was so many more glitches when this game released the publishers still haven't patched a few. And one very annoying thing about this game, when bought off the PSN store or as a disk you must download a 658MB file before being able to play.. (after the game is downloaded), You may ask why? well... There was just that many bugs and glitches that it needed that much patching. Not much more specific to say about this game

Overall fun gameplay if with a party, but not that great if alone.


Thanks, Tell me the next game to review and ill pick it up and review it
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Socom Confrontation Review Empty
PostSubject: Re: Socom Confrontation Review   Socom Confrontation Review EmptyMon May 24, 2010 12:09 am

seems like a fair score, if it wasnt a socom game though id probably give it like a 4.5/10. but heres hoping the next one is awesome. which it should be going back into zippers hands
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Socom Confrontation Review
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